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    Correct answer is 0.6681gm

  • @urvashi

    how can one get h2so4 from sodium bi carbonate?

    i think instead of prepare it should be neutralize.

    mL acid x N acid = milliequivalents acid = 45.6 mL x 0.235 = m.e. acid
    1 m.e. of anything = 1 m.e. of anything else; therefore, m.e. acid = m.e. Na2CO3.
    m.e. acid = m.e. Na2CO3.
    m.e. Na2CO3 x milliequivalent weight Na2CO3 = grams Na2CO3
    m.e. Na2CO3 x 0.053 = grams Na2CO3.

    45.6mL x 0.235N x 0.053g/m.e. =0.56795 g of 100% Na2CO3. Since it is only 85%, then
    0.56795/0.85 = 0.66

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