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  • A "pure" sample of H2SO4 is about 2% water and the H2SO4 is ionized. It undergoes auto-ionization, much like water does.

    2H2SO4(l) <==> H3SO4^+ + HSO4^-

    So never mind the HClO4, a "pure" sample of sulfuric acid will conduct electricity and light up the test lamp all by itself.

    Nonetheless, HClO4 is a strong acid in water and some fraction will ionize in the small amount of water in "pure" sulfuric acid. The resulting H+ and ClO4^- contributes to the conductivity of the sulfuric acid.

  • @sathya I didn't understand...why do sulphuric and hclo4 need to be together

  • @abcd They are not pairs, just they need to be free moving to conduct electricity. Only concentrated sulphuric acid is a non-conductor, however the diluted form is.

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