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    Is the explanation given above correct? How can internal energy cause snapping of wire?

    If the wire snaps, isn't it due to elongation in the wire due to increase in temperature due to heat from the sunlight? Please explain.

  • Where is this sunlight thing mentioned?
    The Explanation is obviously correct.
    The energy will be stored as Elastic potential energy which will be liberated as heat.

  • @apurv-raj Thanks but if elastic potential energy is stored in the wire when it is under tension, this energy should increase its internal energy.

    So, temperature of the wire should rise when it is under tension. Isn't it?

    When the wire snaps, elongating the wire will require input of energy. So this internal energy will be used & wire should cool down, isn't it? Please explain.

  • @anag
    Why will this store as internal energy?
    When you rise Gravitational potential energy of a body does the body get heated?

  • @apurv-raj No the body does not get heated. But when we let the body fall, it falls down with a lot of velocity but does it get heated on falling?

    On reaching the ground, it may get heated due to friction.

  • @anag No because the energy is being converted into kinetic energy not heat.
    Here when the string under tension breaks the Energy stored as elastic potential energy doesn't have any place to go except to be released in the environment in the form of heat.

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