Analogous organs

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    Ans: a,b
    Shouldn't analogous structures look similar? But gills & lungs look different. So how can opt b be the ans? Please explain.

  • @anag
    Analogous organs need not look same...
    But they must have same function ...
    Thus gills and lungs have same function of gaseous exchange but their origin is gills are found in Pisces while lungs in Mammalia....

  • @anag
    Analogous organs are the opposite of homologous organs, which have similar functions but different origins. An example of an analogous trait would be the wings of insects, bats and birds that evolved independently in each lineage separately after diverging from an ancestor without wings.
    Examples of analogous structures range from wings in flying animals like bats, birds, and insects, to fins in animals like penguins and fish. Plants and other organisms can also demonstrate analogous structures, such as sweet potatoes and potatoes, which have the same function of food storage.
    Similarly gills&lungs functions for gaseous exchange

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