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    An ecological community in which populations of plants or animals remain stable and exist in balance with each other and their environment. A climax community is the final stage of succession, remaining relatively unchanged until destroyed by an event such as fire or human interference

    Succession and Species Diversity in a Plant Community. Ecological Succession can be defined as: the orderly process of community change; it is the sequence of communities which replace one another in a given area over a given time span.

    Gross production (P), Increases during early phase of primary succession, little or no ... Net community production (yield)Net productivity tends to be negligible in a climax community

    Ecological succession, the process by which the structure of a biological community evolves over time

    In summary, succession in biology is the order of colonization of species in an ecosystem from a barren or destroyed area of land. Pioneer species, like moss and lichen, are the first to colonize an area. They change the environment so it is suitable for larger plants, like shrubs and grass

    A seral community (or sere) is an intermediate stage found in ecological succession in an ecosystem advancing towards its climax ...
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