• What is Atmospheric electricity

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    Atmospheric electricity refers to electricity that exists in the atmosphere as a result of natural phenomenon. The primary natural source of atmospheric electricity is thunderstorm activity, with lightning being the most spectacular and obvious manifestation of this electricity. However, there are other aspects of atmospheric electricity that cannot be seen visibly, but are helping scientist understand changes in the earth's climate.

    We have now also now found that lightning activity around the globe is closely linked to the amount of water vapor in the upper atmosphere. The thunderstorms that produce the lightning also transport large amounts of water vapor into the upper atmosphere. Changes in the amount of upper tropospheric water vapor could have dramatic impacts on the earth's climate. As shown below, we may be able to use the Schumann resonances to track variations in upper tropospheric water vapor concentrations. The water vapor data below is averaged over tropical Africa (red curve), while the ELF lightning data is obtained at our one station in the Negev Desert, Israel (black curve).


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