Electric charges and field

  • An early model for an atom considered it to have a positively charged point nucleus of charge Ze,surrounded by a uniform density of negative charge up to a radius R.The atom as a whole is neutral.For this model what is the electric field at a distance r from the nucleus.pls.. expalin this answer in a different way other then the one given in the textbook.
    Ans= E=0

  • @sri
    When r <=R, E(r) = 0
    When r >R, E(r) = Ze/4π£° (1/r^2 - r/R^3)

    STEPS AND Understanding :

    1. We know, that size of Nucleus in negligible as compared to Nucleus.
      So, At any distance r, we have to understand there exists nucleus with charge( +Ze. )

    2. As atom is Neutral, the total Negative Charge in a sphere of Radius R is (-Ze. )

    1. We will find Negative charge density to calculate charge at any distance r.

    2. We will. apply Gauss law to find Electric Field at less than equal to R distance and more than that.

    For Calculation see pic
    0_1546382235152_64a8c83a2634f433125f59c4aa9a7def.jpg 0_1546382252604_a49e9e0c854cbc774c1c03552ad9fc4b.jpg 0_1546382262179_2c510e99bb75f521522111480b145b61.jpg

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