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  • In which form do the energy in inductors get stored??

  • @varsha
    Inductor is basically a coil of wire. It hates change in current passing through it , so if current tries to change then inductor corrects it by generating an induced current in the coil in the direction of current (so that they add up) if current is dropping and in opposite direction to the current if current is increasing (so that it may cancel the extra current)

    This happens as follows

    assume we have a inductor connected to an ac source. Lets say a sinewave.

    Then, as the current starts to increase then magnetic fields inside inductor also increase this change in magnetic field generates some induced current in the opposite direction of main current so as to cancel the effect of increasing current. When the current starts to drop in next half cycle the decreasing magnetic fields induce current in the same direction of main current

    therefore basically inductor is trying to minimize the changes in the current by storing energy when current is in excess (reducing current to normal value) and supplyin it in the form of current when main current is decreasing (increasing the net current to normal value)

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