DNA fingerprinting

  • In DNA fingerprinting, how do we know what is the sequence of the VNTR? Without knowing the sequence, it is impossible to prepare a complementary strand to act as probe.

    Is the sequence found out by Dr. Sanger's automatic DNA sequencing machine?

    Or is the sequence same for all humans? Please explain.

  • @anag
    DNA Fingerprinting. Variable number tandem repeats (VNTR), also called mini-satellites, are among the families of repetitive DNA dispersed in the genome. Each repeating unit comprises a sequence of 16–64 base pairs. ... The repeating units in each group have conserved sequences and probes can be prepared to recognize them.

  • @sunitasaxena So these conserved sequences are same for all humans? The same basic repeat in VNTR is present in all humans?

  • @anag
    The alleles for any particular locus all have the same sequence but differ as to how many times the sequence is repeated. VNTR loci contribute to repetitive DNA and have proved valuable in DNA fingerprinting, especially in human forensic science

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