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  • THANK U DUBBTR, for providing such a platform to all of us which helps me a lot in my preparation.πŸ‘πŸ‘ Jee exams are just around the corner.... I hope all my friends are prepararing very well!!


    "success is where preparation and opportunity meet". The last week is absolutely as important as ur last 2 years have been for the jee preparation. I don't mean to say that both are equivalent the preparation during the last years counts much more than the last week but still if u can very easily increase up ur score by 20-30 marks or what I should rather say is that u will be able to perform tp your optimum. 1) DONT STUDY ANY NEW STUFF: This point is much easy to say and much difficult to follow the more u read in the last time, the more nervousness and negative feelings u gather. Rather u revise the topics which u have already studied. "Focus on ur strength" 2) MOCK TEST ARE ESSENTIAL: with ongoing revisions, make sure to dedicate time in solving mock test papers. This not only helps in improving efficiency of attempting questions but helps in time management. This mock test gives u a real feeling of exam. Do not forget to analyze your paper. 3) DO NOT FEEL STRESSED: do not stress yourself unnecessarily. If you're well prepared and confident enough, make sure u don't PANIC. To stay stress free make sure u take out time for to rejuvenate yourself, take regular short breaks and try to do what u like.

    1. STUDY SOLO IN YOUR LAST DAYS:. This is not a very good time to prefer group studies. It makes unnecessary discussions which end up giving nothing. Although it is good to someone who really want to study something new. Group studies at last minute can increase anxiety and preexam jitters. 5) STAY HEALTHY TO CONCENTRATE WELL: at this time your health plays a very important part in your success. Try to take a morning walk, it is a best way to start your day. Eat healthy food , avoid junk food. Ensure 6-7 hours of sleep every day. 6)Most aspirants generally study till late in the night but remember that exam is held in the morning. So to adjust your mind so that brain can give maximum out put at the exam time. I strongly recommend to turn your FB WHATSAPP HIKE TWITTER Etc off . It takes out your time unnecessarily. Just talk to your parents and siblings to keep u positive. Have confidence .
      In short all u have to build up is REAL CONCRETE CONFIDENCE on you no matter what happens. So my dear sisters and brothers be a monk for this week have a control on yours emotions. You will surely perform brilliantly in the exam and this is the final that needs to be done. I hope all of you will give their best in the exam and get succed with flying colours☺️☺️ ALL THE BEST!!

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    1. Keep working hard and focus on your studies.
      Avoid all social networks and keep asking all your subject doubts anytime anywhere on dubbtr

    2. Tell your friends about dubbtr , so more and more students can get benefit from this.

  • @varsha !!!all the best!!! for you exam and thanks for the tips πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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