Morphology if plants

  • What is the location of roots in grass and monstera tell for both both are adventitious roots tell their location as well as function in the following plants.

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    In grasses and other monocots including lilies and palm plants, the root system is a fibrous root system consisting of a dense mass of slender, adventitious roots that arise from the stem. A fibrous root system has no single large taproot because the embryonic root dies back when the plant is still young. The roots grow downward and outward from the stem, branching repeatedly to form a mass of fine roots

    Root developing from any part of the plant other than the radicle is called adventitious root. In MONSTERA roots arise from parts of the plant (from a stem, leaf or other plant parts) other than the radicle. These types of roots are called adventitious roots.

    Monstera are herbs or evergreen vines, growing to heights of 20 metres (66 ft) in trees, climbing by means of aerial roots which act as hooks over branches; these roots will also grow into the soil to help support the plant. Since the plant roots both into the soil and over trees, it is considered a hemiepiphyte.

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