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    Ans: Manchette
    What is Manchette & Nebenkern sheath? According to net, Manchette is a conical array of microtubules which helps to shape the sperm nucleus. Is it correct? Please explain.

    In which animal is it found?

    How is Manchette different from Nebenkern sheath?

  • @anag
    Basal part of head & middle piece has a thin layer of cytoplasm which is called as Manchette.

    The nebenkern is a mitochondrial formation in the sperm of some insects such as Drosophila

    You are also right

  • @sunitasaxena U mean "Manchette is a conical array of microtubules which helps to shape the sperm nucleus." Is it correct?

    Is Manchette a formation of microtubules or thin cytoplasm layer? Which one is it?

  • @anag
    Manchette is thin cytoplasm layer
    At the end of meiosis, we have four little cells called spermatids. These cells then shed most of their cytoplasm and grow a tail to transform into sperm. A sperm tail is made mostly of protein, so a lot of protein has to be transported down into the tail to build it. The manchette is a temporary collar around the head of the sperm that serves go shape the developing head and as a conduit to transport protein to the base of the tail (the area of the centriole where the tail attaches to the head. From there, the protein is transported the rest of the way by means of the microtubular core (axoneme) of the tail

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  • manchette MTs of spermatids originate in the vicinity of .... centriole pair is surrounded by a thin layer of pericentriolar ..... prominent array of cytoplasmic microtubules at a location

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