Nucleophiles and Electrophiles

  • Please give a list of nucleophiles in their nucleophilicity order And also for Electrophiles

  • @pankaj497

    Positively charged Electrophile —- H+, Cl+ (Chloronium ion), Br+ (Bromonium ion), I+ (Iodonium ion), NO2+ , NO+, NH4+ , R3 C+ & Other carbonium ions,

    Neutral Electrophiles

    SO3, FeCl3, AlCl3, BF3, ZnCl2 etc.

    Electrophiles act as lewis acids. The reactions involving the attack of electrophiles are known as electrophilic reactions

    Negatively charged Nucleophiles :

    Cl– (chloride ion) , Br– ( Bromide ion), I– (Iodide ion), OH– , CN– Carbanions like CH3–, CH3CH2– etc.

    Neutral nucleophiles : NH3, RNH2, H–O–H , R–OH , R–O–R , R–S–R.

    Nucleophiles are capable of donating electron pairs, Therefore they act as Lewis base. The reactions involving the attack of nucleophiles are known as nucleophilic reactions

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