Communication system

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  • @raja
    Yes, message can be retrieve by transmitting only the side bands. In this form of AM (Amplitude Modulation) transmission carrier is generally removed or supressed , producing a double sideband with suppresssed carrier (DSB-SC).
    Transmission is also possible with one sideband being transmitted.

  • It is possible to retrieve the message signal using both side bands but not using only one side band as the side bands formed are fc+fm and fc-fm. Using both these signals we can get back our message signal by first getting a signal of frequency 2fm by destructive interference and then downsampling it to frequency fm. Whereas, in case of only one side band we get only one frequency i.e., either fc+fm or fc-fm. So, it is not possible to identify the message signal as interference is not possible and we do not know the carrier frequency also.

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