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    Please explain how opt a is ans?

    Water is required for movement of antherozoids towards the archegonium but the fertilization will take place inside archegonium— not in water.

  • @anag
    Water is essential for fertilization. The opercular cells of the antheridium rupture and releases mass of antherozoids. When archegonium reaches at maturity, the neck canal cells and venter canal cell disintegrate to form a mucilaginous mass.It absorbs water, swells up and comes out of the archegonial mouth by pushing the cover cells apart. This mucilaginous mass consists chemical substances (mainly sugars).

    The cover cells of the neck separate widely from each other and form a passage leading to the egg
    Many antherozoids enter the archegonial neck because of chemical response but only one of them fuses with the egg to form the zygote.

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