Vapour pressure

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    The vapour pressure of liquid depends only on temperature. Since temperature is not changing, the vapour pressure should not change.

    What the equilibrium will be shifted such that lesson number of moles are present, i.e in backward direction. The number of moles in vapour phase will decrease.

    Then why should vapour pressure remain constant? Please explain.

  • @anag
    firstly,pressure is inversely proportional to volume at constant when we apply external pressure obviously the partial pressure of he would increase...
    and when external pressure increases then the vapour molecules begin to diffuse in the option (2) and (3) are totally correct..and since the partial pressure is directly proportional to the total pressure so the total pressure will also increase..

    here how can you tell about moles and equilibrium.?
    and it is not always correct that temperature is not changing the vapour pressure should not change..

  • @dikshant-gautam Thanks. So if we increase external pressure, will vapour pressure increase or decrease?

    Since number of molecules in vapour phase decreases, vapour pressure should decrease on increasing external pressure. Then why is option 1 incorrect? Please explain.

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