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  • I am tending to forget the stuff in chemistry in every day life, Biomolecules and some part of coordination compounds... It's better to leave those chapters or else just to concentrate more on them.. Mathematics and physics section r going good ...I am going to give my exam on 12th April ( jee mains)..suggestion required from b tech students..And I am not able to control my tension...I know that it leads nowhere but just reduces Mark's!!! GIVE AN IDEA HOW TO ATTEMPT CHEMISTRY PAPER!! It is the only subject which always reduces Mark's in mock tests..THANK U FOR READING THIS STUFF AND ANSWERING!!

  • Please answer fast..

  • @varsha
    Dont study anything new right now, you wont be able to memorize it. on the contrary you will confuse things which you already know.

  • @varsha you can leave chemistry in everyday life, and biomolecules
    But coordination chemistry you should practice
    You can post your doubts here
    And as you said tension won't take you anywhere
    Just relax. I know it is tough to remain calm but still i would request you too keep your cool eat lots of healthy food and enjoy
    Hurrying up and doing new chapters won't fetch you many marks
    Instead revise your previous done concepts
    All the best!

  • @gunjan-mehta Thank u..

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