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    What is the meaning of "whether soil is transported or sedimentary"?

    Sediments at the base of a river (in its lower course) are formed by soil and rocks collected from the upper course of the river. So sedimentary soil is same as transported soil, isn't it ? Please explain.

    What is the meaning of "aggregation" as one of the characteristics of soil? Please explain.

    What are the different "sediment characteristics" which determine the type of benthic animals that can thrive there?

  • @anag
    Transported soils form from weathered material deposits, which are transported by natural forces to a new site, away from the site of origin. The type of transport soil is determined by the agent, such as wind, water, ice or snow, that assists in its transportation.
    Sediment is the result of erosion. Sedimentation is the build-up of eroded soil particles that are transported in runoff from their site of origin and deposited in drainage systems, on other ground surfaces, or in bodies of water or wetlands.

  • @anag
    A soil aggregate is “a group of primary soil particles that cohere to each other more strongly than to other surrounding particles.” ... Important physical aspects of aggregates include their size, density, stability, structure, and effect on the transport of fluids, solutes, particles, and heat

  • @sunitasaxena
    Sediment contain pores or open spaces, are mixtures of minerals and rock types, the compaction is typically a result of gravity

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