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  • What is the major difference between heredity, variation , and inheritance?

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    Inheritance:The passing of genetic information from parent to child is known as inheritance.The information is in chemical codes carried by deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA ) in the sex cells (eggs and sperms)

    Heredity is the phenomenon of passing traits from parent to offspring.
    Heredity is the noun that means our innate traits. It's what we inherit genetically from our forebears. Heredity might determine our hair color or intelligence, our height or skin color.

    Inherited traits are the characters which are inherited by the offspring from the parents. These traits are present in the form of genetic material, DNA. Genetic material is carried by the vehicles of inheritance, the chromosomes. Each gamete of opposite sex participating in the sexual reproduction donates the traits in the form of genetic material. These traits are expressed in the offspring and later carried on to nect generation. Such traits which are carried from one generation to another generation are called as inherited traits.

    Heredity includes those traits or characteristics which are transmitted from generation to generation and is, therefore, fixed for a particular individual. ... Hereditary variations refer to differences in inherited traits.

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