Cell cycle

  • What is the function of phragmoplast? Is it a type of structure which forms the cell plate? Doesn't the Golgi body and endoplasmic reticulum form the cell plate? Please explain.

  • @anag
    The phragmoplast is a plant cell specific structure that forms during late cytokinesis. This complex assembly of microtubules, actin filaments and associated molecules acts as a framework for cell plate assembly and subsequent formation of the future cell wall separating the two daughter cells.

  • @anag
    Golgi apparatus produces vesicles which fuse to form the cell plate, the Golgi product thus contributing part of the substance of this structure and the Golgi vesicle membranes contributing new plasma membrane

    First, a network of microtubules, microfilaments, and parts of the parent cell's endoplasmic reticulum form a structure called the “phragmoplast.”With the phragmoplast serving as its scaffold, the cell plate begins to assemble.

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