Biology ncert

  • Is there any changes in this year's biology ncert compared to previous years ncert

  • @sri
    Yes, obviously. You still do not know it ?? This yr NCERT had totally changed and published in a new edition. Lots of topics are added, few new diagrams are added, many lines are corrected (which are not correct or which lines may have some misconception while reading in previous version), some portions are deleted also.

    So you should buy it, bcz there is some probability to ask questions from these newly added or edited portions in competitive exams like NEET.

    Along with that, an information you must know that the new edition is currently unavailable in market most probably. Because when I was going to purchase, they said that the books are out of stock then (a couple of months before).

    If you will face the same problem, you can download the pdf NCERT book in the official website of NCERT. Do it fast if you are preparing for NEET '19. There are only 4 months left.

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