Biological classification

  • 0_1542466656603_1542466640261-2116002463.jpg question number 2 you can suggest aas many uses as you know.

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    (a) Heterotrophic bacteria

    ⚫Many bacteria like Lactobacillus helps in the production of curd from milk.

    ⚫They act as decomposers and help in the formation of humus e.g. Pseudomonas.

    ⚫Many antibiotics are obtained from some species of bacteria like streptomyces, Bacillus etc.

    ⚫Many soil bacteria help in fixation of atmospheric nitrogen like Rhizobium (Symbiotic), Azotobacter (Free living).

    (b) Archaebacteria

    ⚫Methane gas is produced from the dung of ruminants by the methanogens.

    ⚫Methanogens are also involved in the formation of biogas and sewage treatment.

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    The economically important uses of heterotrophic bacteria are:
    They enhance the fertility of the soil by nitrogen fixation.
    Production of curd and yogurt from milk, Cheese, Butter, Wine. e.g.lactobacillus
    Production of antibiotics.
    They act as decomposers and help in the formation of humus e.g. Pseudomonas.
    The role of Archaea in ecosystems are organisms that derive energy from oxidation of methane, many of which are Bacteria, as they are often a major source of methane in such environments and can play a role as primary producers.
    Archaea exist in a broad range of habitats, and as a major part of global ecosystems,
    Archaea live in hostile environments, from salt lakes to acidic hot springs.

    The archaea also appear crucial for ammonia oxidation in soils. They produce nitrite, which other microbes then oxidize to nitrate. Plants and other organisms consume the latter.

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