Power and energy

  • What is the difference between 'power' and 'Energy'?

  • @Indranil
    There are various forms of energies.

    Light ( electro magnetic) ,heat (thermal) , nuclear, chemical, sound (mechanical) , Mechaniacal, (Kinetic and potential) etc,

    One form of energy can be converted to other form of energy.

    Since we are familiar with mechanical energy, that is the work gained or lost by the displacement of force , usually we compare all energy with mechanical energy.

    When 1 newton force is displaced through 1 m, we say an energy of 1 joule is gained or lost,

    Any type of energy can be measured in joule.

    Even mass is considered as equivalent of energy and the equation is E = mc^2.

    Power is when time is considered.

    Power = work or energy spent or gained in unit time ,

    S.I unit is joule per second or watt

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