• Ashok secured 70% of the votes polled in an
    election and was elected by a majority of 168 votes.
    All the votes polled were valid. Find the number of
    votes polled if there were only two contestants.
    (A) 490 (B) 420 (C) 350 (D) 560

    Raja receives an increment in his salary. His salary presently forms 30% of the total income of his family. Before the increment, his salary used to form 20% of the total income of his family. By how many percentage points did the salary of Raja as a percentage of his family’s total income increase?
    (A) 14 7/2 (B) 16 3/2 (C) 10 (D) 8

  • @Riya-Kapoor
    If Ashok got 70 percent then his opponent got 30 percent. Majority is 40 percent.
    40 x/100 =168
    X= 420

    X is the total number of votes

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  • @Riya-Kapoor

    A percentage point or percent point is the unit for the arithmetic difference of two percentages. For example, moving up from 40% to 44% is a 4 percentage point increase, but is a 10 percent increase in what is being measured.

    I think the answer to this might be 10 . Please verify the answer.

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