cis and trance

  • can cis and trance isomers be seperated ??
    pls give answer with a reason also ......

  • @king-kong They have different physical properties, e.g. boiling point, melting point and others. So the most obvious method is by fractional destillation, or by fractional crystallization, depending on what's most practical, given the difference and the temperatures.

    The boiling points of the isomers might be different enough that you can separate them by fractional distillation. The affinities for the stationary phase may be different enough that they can be separated by gas chromatography.

  • @jai-d-gr8 can u give me one example ....

  • @king-kong one of the common industrial example :
    Process for separating trans cyclohexane diamine from a mixture of cis and trans isomer diamine by converting them to their respective dihydrochlorides in a methanol solution and then recovering a major amount of the trans isomer thereof.

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