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  • @ABCDMA-ABCDMA Molten solver absorbs about twenty times its volume of oxygen which it again expels on cooling. Globules of molten silver are thrown off. This is called "spitting of silver". This can be prevented by covering the molten metal with a layer of charcoal.

    Silvering is the chemical process of coating a non-conductive substrate such as glass with a reflective substance, to produce a mirror. While the metal is often silver, the term is used for the application of any reflective metal.

    Most common household mirrors are "back-silvered" or "second-surface", meaning that the light reaches the reflective layer after passing through the glass. A protective layer of paint is usually applied to protect the back side of the reflective surface . This arrangement protects the fragile reflective layer from corrosion, scratches, and other damages.

    I am not sure if the other 2 options actually exist or were just given to confuse you up...

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