Inorganic Chemistry

  • How to differentiate between fluoride ion acceptors and fluoride ion donors , Explain with example ?

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    All the fluorides are colourless crystalline solids and sublimes at 298 K.
    They all are strong oxidising agents.
    They all acts as fluorinating agents.
    They react with fluoride ion acceptors to form cationic species and with fluoride ion donors to form fluoroanions.
    XeF2 ​ +PF5 ​ →[XeF]+ [PF6 ​] −

    XeF2 is soluble in water but undergo slow hydrolysis evolving O2. XeF4reacts violently with water and undergoe disproportionation giving xenon and xenon trioxide. XeF6 reacts with water violently but slow hydrolysis by moisture gives XeO3
    ​This is what is significant and relevant as far as the JEE portion is concerned

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