• please clear my confusion when Car initial Velocity is 0m/s and And acceleration is 4m/s^2.. I want to tell after 5 sec how much displacement will it cover so if i think logically car stars from 0 and after 1 second car should travel 4m as acceleration is 4m/s^2 after two second it should cover 4m more that means car covered distance of 12m isnt it and after 3 second it will cover distance of 24m and after 4 second it will cover 40m and after five second it should have covered 60m but i know The equation s=ut+1/2at^2. so if i want to calculate displacement then i substitute value s=0×5+1/2×4×5²=50m why it is coming 50 m it should come 60m when i think logically car has covered 60m but equation of motion giving 50m what is wrong? please clear the confusion

  • @donald-trump-is-best
    Your english is not legible

  • @donald-trump-is-best
    Accelaration means velocity increasing with time so you cant predict just like that ,how much will it travel by simply multiplying like velocity
    Acc is 4m/s^2 means it's velocity will increase by 4 per second not it will travel 4 m in per second

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