• Why a baby born at 8 months instead of 9 months is considered abnormal??

  • @shivam-madhav-gawate

    most infants born in the eighth moth -- weeks 34 through 38 -- are completely healthy and live normal lives. They may be kept in the hospital for a short time for basic observation. Some extreme cases are outside of the norm
    Expect a baby to be only slightly premature and need minimal hospital treatment. He may be placed in an incubator or under a heat-radiating lamp for a short period of time to make certain his body heat is stable. He also my be given a shot of antibiotics, in case of an infection having caused the premature birth.
    Chronic lung disease -- also called CLD -- can occur in some premature infants.
    Because a premature infant has an immature immune system, he may be susceptible to infections and viruses. This is managed with medication and close medical care.

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